The Simplisse® Story

Welcome to Simplisse® – a full line of breast pumps and breast care products designed to do one thing – let moms like you express your breastmilk comfortably so you can provide that milk to your baby for the longest period of time possible.

The Simplisse® line was developed through a partnership between industry-leading lactation consultants and moms. We had two simple objectives in mind when we began developing a device to express breastmilk. First, make expressing milk a more comfortable, natural experience for moms. And secondly, collect breastmilk as efficiently and effectively as possible. Those goals were achieved through the development of the Simplisse® Breast Pump.

Every product in the Simplisse® collection of breastfeeding products was carefully designed with the optimum health of mom and baby in mind. In many cases, these products are significant advances that help improve the lives of nursing moms.